Superelastic Knee Spacer


Superelastic Knee Spacer is deformed and recovered.


Superelastic Knee Spacer

Superelastic Knee Spacer

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Superelastic Knee Spacer

This medical device is inserted into the human knee. It is a Nickel-Titanium alloy, therefore, it is biocompatible. In this way, the human body does not reject it. This means that no infections occur as a result of the use of adhesives. Traditionally, adhesives that cause infections, require a new surgical intervention, with the discomfort that this causes the patient.

This prosthesis takes advantage of the superelastic properties of NiTi alloys. Thus, transmitted loads cause the elastic deformation of the element, which adopts the appropriate shape and recovers it when the load ceases. The process can be repeated thousands of times without signs of fatigue in the material. In this case, it is a solid element but the characteristics varies to consider the case that it is a porous material. In this way, the pores favor bone growth through them. It produces a natural mechanical connection and free of adhesives.

Finally, if you want to know more about this topic, you can consult several scientific papers. In the following article, you can check the characteristics of this particular device.

This is a two steps simulation:

– 1st step: Initially, 600MPa pressure applies on the upper side. Fixed support on the lower side. Therefore, the spacer won’t move.

– 2nd step: Finally, pressure finishes. The model recovers its original shape without permanent deformation.

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  • Right settings for a right simulation
  • Useful for understanding SMA behavior
  • Need expertise on Ansys
  • Need expertise on FEM
Review Overview

Solved simulation of a NiTi knee spacer. File for Ansys

Additional information

File size

284MB – Superelastic KneeSpacer.wbpz

Simulation time

9 minutes on Inteli7 2700K CPU3.50GHz

Use instructions

Inside Ansys Workbench 18.1 or higher, use option "restore archive"


17124 nodes, 4546 elements


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