Shape Memory 3D letters


Shape Memory 3D letters deformed and heated up


Shape Memory 3D letters

Shape Memory 3D letters

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Shape Memory 3D letters

This 3D model is a group of letters forming the words “Shape memory”. One of the ends, specifically the end of the letter S, is configured as a fixed point. At the other end, at the end of the letter Y, a 4N force is applied longitudinally to the main axis of the letters. This force causes temporary deformation of the assembly. In the simulation you can appreciate the stress produced in the encounters of the letters. These are especially high in the corners.

After applying the load, as has been said, the letters are temporarily deformed. The crystalline structure of the material changes from twinned martensite to detwinned martensite. This way, the alloy is ready for the shape memory effect.

Finally, a +80°C thermal condition is applied and the crystal structure changes from detwinned martensite to austenite. Therefore, the atoms rearrange and the initial shape is recovered.

This is a clear demonstration example of the shape memory effect where an element is deformed in cold state and revocers the shape when heat is applied.

The simulation runs two steps:

-1st step: First of all, a 4N load applies to one end while the other remains as a fixed support. Letters deform in cold state

-2nd step: Finally, a thermal condition of +80ºC (over Af) is applied. Therefore, 3D letters recover their original shape.

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  • Right settings for a right simulation
  • Useful for understanding SMA behavior
  • Need expertise on Ansys
  • Need expertise on FEM
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Solved simulation of SMA 3D letters. File for Ansys

Additional information

File size

110 MB – Shape Memory 3D letters.wbpz

Simulation time

16 minutes on Inteli7 2700K CPU3.50GHz

Use instructions

Inside Ansys Workbench 18.1, use option "restore archive"


8329 nodes, 1064 elements


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