Deploye NiTi SE mesh


Deploye NiTi superelastic mesh deformed and recovering shape.


Deploye NiTi SE mesh

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Deploye NiTi SE mesh

The manufacturing process of this Deployé NiTi SE mesh begins when making the smart alloy in a sheet shape. The properties are then set depending on the percentage of Nickel and Titanium. Likewise, a thermal treatment is applied during a certain amount of time.

Making several fine, parallel and alternating cuts in the sheet, results in a stretchable mesh. This will allow the model to deform in a mesh shape later. Therefore, we get an element which is able to deform and recover the original shape when the actuating force ends. This way, the superelasticity property is here clearly shown. Reversible elastic deformations.

Through this simulation, you will be able to compare the stress levels on every point of the mesh. Therefore, you can modify and optimize the model not to reach a certain stress level. As a matter of fact, this will ensure that the element will always work within the desired security levels. Especially in the joints or contact points of the wires that form the mesh.

This is a two steps simulation:

-1st step: First, the mesh stretches under 40MPa pressure on one side and the opposite side is a fixed support.

-2nd step: Release pressure. The Deploye NiTi SE mesh recovers its shape after pressure ends, without showing permanent deformation. This is the superelastic behavior of the material.

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  • Right settings for a right simulation
  • Useful for understanding SMA behavior
  • Need expertise on Ansys
  • Need expertise on FEM
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Solved simulation of a NiTi deployé mesh. File for Ansys

Additional information

File size

271MB – Deploye NiTi SE mesh.wbpz

Simulation time

16 minutes on Inteli7 2700K CPU3.50GHz

Use instructions

Inside Ansys Workbench 18.1, use option "restore archive"


38581 nodes, 5204 elements


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