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Welcome to SMA Simulation Shop. Shape Memory Alloys have two very special properties: shape memory effect and superelasticity. This material, undergoes very large deformations and recovers a remembered shape by applying heat. With our solved files, you will be able to play and modify the right settings to end up with good simulation results. It will help you in a better understanding of the thermo-mechanical behavior of this alloy.


In conclusion, Possibly we are the only site on the internet which supplies solved examples of Nitinol simulations. So, enter the shop now, choose your files and download them right away.

This material is used in different fields: Medicine, Aerospace or Automotive, among others. Usually, these alloys are binary, that is, formed by two elements. In our case, Nickel and Titanium. It is also possible ternary, quaternary alloys …

To the base material it can be added, in small proportions, other elements such as Hafnium, Cobalt, Copper, Iron, etc. Each of these additions varies the behavior of the resulting material. In some cases the hysteresis is reduced, in others the elastic modules are increased or the small deformations due to fatigue caused by a high number of cycles are reduced.

Binary NiTi alloys

Our examples are based on binary alloys (NiTi) where the small variation between the proportion of both, changes its properties. In this way, the greater the Nickel content, the lower the transformation temperature. This means that superelastic alloys have a lower proportion of Titanium than those with shape memory.

In any case, from these examples and knowing the characteristics of other alloys, you can make variations in the adjustments to match your specific requirements.

You may want to visit our Blog to learn more about Nickel-Titanium alloys. In our YouTube channel you will be able to see in detail all our solved simulations. You can also contact us to ask about the project you are working on. We will try to help you with your ideas.



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